Whether you want to save the Earth or just save on electricity, SOLAR IS FOR YOU!

You’ve decided to go solar, but now you have to make an even more important decision: choosing the right solar installer.

The last thing you want are surprises during your installation. Unfortunately, many homeowners face long wait times, higher than expected costs, and a lack of responsiveness from their installers. Even worse, in many cases, homeowners eventually need to call another contractor to fix the mistakes their original one made. Some contractors even install subpar components that won’t deliver the long-term performance you’re counting on.

At Bell Solar, we think going solar should positively transform your life, not upend it. We can make your installation a headache-free process, with zero surprises. In fact, this ebook outlines our entire solar installation process so that you know what to expect at each stage.

What You'll Learn in This eBook:

  • What solar components we sell
  • Our solar installation process in detail
  • Understanding maintenance for solar panels
  • Financial incentives